Personal Style and Closet Makeovers

I’m so proud to announce the launch of my new business to help people with personal style! Makeover Momma!

Let’s Face It Beauty has been a wonderful part of my life. I’m so grateful that I could help so many women look great on their special day, or for an important event. I’m blessed that they trust me to be their makeup and hair artist. The women I have met and the personal growth I have experienced cannot be put into words. Love you all! Despite the success of my mobile makeup and hair business, I have always felt like I could do much more to help women (and men) look great.

You see, for years, friends and family have asked me for fashion advice. I remember, as a little girl, having a keen eye for fashion and outfits, and even telling my mom, sister and friends how to dress! I’m THAT women that sees clothing pieces in stores, finds clothing deals, second hands, and instantly knows how to put them together with other pieces in my closet. When friends go shopping, they often ask me to come along because they know I can spot finds they miss. I buy magazines, visit clothing stores, and online shop. A LOT! It ‘s always been my passion spotting great looks, and putting pieces together without breaking the budget. So, I finally decided to launch a new set of fashion and beauty services under the brand Makeover Momma!

Visit the web site and social pages and please give me some feedback and encouragement!


What is MakeoverMomma?

Are you tired of your current, every day look? Do you need a closet makeover? Do you need a shopping buddy? Are you unsure how to make yourself look sexy and beautiful? Do you want my go-to list of shopping tips and tricks? Do you need an amazing outfit for a special event?

If so, I’m yours! I love fashion, beauty, and shopping, and I can’t wait to make unforgettable makeover stories with you!