NOTE: This article originally appears in Fresh Vancouver magazine on page 33 of the April/May 2012 issue. Download the original article PDF here or read the entire article below.




You’re in search of the perfect dress, invitations, photographer, music, flowers and more. But there is just one more thing to consider: your beautiful face! Wedding day beauty should be a priority. This is one day when you are guaranteed to be the star attraction! This is not the moment to try anything tricky or novel, nor is it the moment to experiment with look-of-the-moment makeup. Beauty trends change as quickly as fashion trends; it’s best to look timelessly beautiful. The photographs in your wedding album are forever – you don’t want to look at them in ten years and see a hopelessly dated look. In general, all your makeup should be strong, pretty, and incorporate long-wear products that look best in photography.


For the biggest day of your life, you need makeup that will last from the morning champagne with bridesmaids or friends, until you collapse into that huge bed in the bridal suite. If the idea of putting on eyeliner makes your hand shake, this is the time you should put your trust in a true professional to do your wedding day makeup, regardless of your age. Whether you have delayed your nuptials until later in life or are a very young bride, here are some tips to help you look your best on your special day.

If there is an age group that can pull almost any makeup look off, it’s this one. Without going overboard, (not too much frost or shimmer, ladies!) this is the age to incorporate colour and more fashion forward looks. This is the time to go for that pop in the lips with a classic red. Remember, you still want it to look timeless, but at the same time, have a little fun with your makeup and accessories!

You are still able to incorporate fashion forward makeup, but really put an emphasis on looking flawless with well moisturized skin and good coverage in a foundation. Choose an area of focus such as your eyes.False lashes are a must for looking great in photography. Go for a hue of lipstick that will look great in photos for years to come, from a pinky nude to a subdued shade of red.

As the lines have started to show, along with dark circles under the eyes and perhaps loss of fullness in the skin, this is when a little makeup trickery comes into play. Prominent, filled in brows are so important. You want the frame of your face to be present, and your eyes to pop. Avoid frosts, shimmers or sparkly makeup, as these tend to accentuate lines and texture on the skin. An eye primer before eye shadow or eye liner is a must, along with other long-wearing formulas in foundation and concealer. Use a lip liner to define the lips and help prevent feathering around the mouth area. A great lip-coloured lipstick with gloss on top looks great. False lashes, again, are important to help give the appearance of thicker, longer lashes.

Sometimes at this age, the face can look monochromatic or one colour tone, as the colour in lashes, brows, and lips have faded. This makeup is as much about bringing colour back into the face as it is about mastering the makeup application to accentuate one’s best features and remove emphasis from the areas of aging. Use long-wearing foundation and concealer, and stick with matte formulas in eye shadow and blush. Define and fill in the lip with a lip liner that is lip colour or a little darker. Add gloss to the lips to give the appearance of fuller lips and to conceal lines on this area. I recommend natural-looking false lashes in this age group or a few individual lashes at the outer corners if the eyes.