Whether you are a Bride to be, just got engaged, or a stay at home, I provide a variety of hair and makeup services for your every need.  Contact me for

  • Weddings and engagements
  • Online photos for your web site or social media
  • Head shots for modeling, acting, and profiles
  • Graduation events and ceremonies
  • Those Special events in your life
  • Instructions or Tips on make up application for any occasion


For Weddings & Bridal

wedding-miniHello lovely Brides-to-be! I am sure some of you out there are wondering if you need a professional make up artist for your wedding day, and if so, what is the difference between ‘everyday’ make up and ‘wedding make up’. As a professional bridal make up artist, I have experienced many of the common wedding day scenarios: on your wedding day, you will be more than likely, feeling a little more stress and excitement than usual, and you will be bombarded with phone calls and questions from the moment you wake up, to the moment you leave your home or hotel to your venue. Having your make up and hair done for you by a bridal make up artist, will be your one moment of zen to an otherwise emotional day. It is important to have… read more

See my Wedding & Bridal Makeup & Hair Services page

In-home Makeup & Hair for Women and Moms

momBusy women, moms and moms-to-be, need my in home beauty services more than anyone!  I am a new mother myself, and I understand how difficult it can be to run errands with a little one in tow.  It is even more difficult to take in any type of make up or hair services at a salon or department store; it can be next to impossible!

As we all know, sometimes us moms and our busy schedules with children and new babies, we tend to forget about ourselves. Often, it is years later when we realize we need a little boost in our appearance, a refresher on how to apply make up properly and efficiently, product recommendations and most of all, someone to show us how it’s all done. Perhaps you have a special dinner or event you are attending, or it’s time to pamper yourself, or you just need general make up know-how. Why not stay at home with your children without having to worry about a baby sitter, or trekking to a busy mall, while someone takes care of your make up and hair, making you look beautiful, while giving you tips and techniques to help you stay looking your best.

This is where I come in!  Let me be your resource for those of you busy moms that would just like to stay put and let me make your day or evening out a beautiful one!

  • Make up applications
  • Make up lessons
  • Product recommendations
  • Tips on transforming day to night make up
  • Tips on how to keep make up applications simple, fast, and current
  • Hair styling (curling, straightening, up-do’s)