Thanks so much to all of the makeup artists who volunteered for the ‘Mad Men’ event. You all did an amazing job! Thank you to Eli for facilitating it, and BMC!……read this article

Just Wrote another article for Fresh Vancouver Magazine!

Sept/Oct 2013 – Change of Seasons, Change your Makeup Is there a ‘no white after Labour Day’ equivalent where summer makeup is concerned? In other words, do I have to abandon my coral lips and toes come fall? Colours in nature change with the season, so with makeup, there are some general rules for staying chic and seasonally appropriate. Follow these tips to keep your makeup looking fresh and to keep up with the… read this article

Wow! Thank you Caroline MacGillivray of Beauty Night Society for this amazing prize! Thank you Sarah Roy for a wonderful evening! — at Edge Social Grille & Lounge….read this article

Just wrote another article for Fresh Vancouver Magazine!

March/April 2013 – Ask the Expert – Makeup that Lasts All Day Q: I feel great when I leave the house in the morning, but a few hours later, when I look in the mirror, my makeup seems to have practically disappeared!  How can I ensure my makeup lasts all day (and all night) long? A:Does your eye makeup crease and your foundation fade, and you find yourself having to…

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