Today’s Beauty, Megan! #weddingmakeup #weddingmakeupandhair #letsfaceitbeauty @letsfaceitbeauty

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Today’s Beauty, Megan!

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Today’s Beauty, Leah. Today's Beauty, Leah.
Would you like to be part of this award winning… Would you like to be part of this award winning mobile makeup & hair team?!Makeup & Hair Artists, please submit resumes to
It’s a bummer when you’re all dried up! PRO TIP:… It's a bummer when you're all dried up! PRO TIP: Here's how to extend the life of your mascara, when it starts to feel dry and you aren't getting your usual glam lash pay back from your mascara, put it under the tap and put one drop of water in it. You can do this a couple of times before you...have to break down and spend the bucks on a new one. What's my favorite mascara you ask? Well, Chanel Le Volum of course! All others... well .....meh 😑 #chanelcosmetics #protip #60secondstyleandbeautytip #makeovermomma #letsfaceitbeauty
Today’s Beauty, Yulianna Today's Beauty, Yulianna

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