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Sept/Oct 2013 – Change of Seasons, Change your Makeup

Is there a ‘no white after Labour Day’ equivalent where summer makeup is concerned? In other words, do I have to abandon my coral lips and toes come fall? Colours in nature change with the season, so with makeup, there are some general rules for staying chic and seasonally appropriate. Follow these tips to keep your makeup looking fresh and to keep up with the…

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March/April 2013 – Ask the Expert – Makeup that Lasts All Day

Q: I feel great when I leave the house in the morning, but a few hours later, when I look in the mirror, my makeup seems to have practically disappeared!  How can I ensure my makeup lasts all day (and all night) long? A:Does your eye makeup crease and your foundation fade, and you find yourself having to…

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May 2012 – Always a Bride – Beautiful Makeup for Brides of All Ages

You’re in search of the perfect dress, invitations, photographer, music, flowers and more. But there is just one more thing to consider: your beautiful face! Wedding day beauty should be a priority. This is one day when you are guaranteed to be the star attraction! This is not the moment to try anything tricky or novel, nor is it …

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December 2011 – Trick of the Eye: Slimming Makeup Tricks for the Holidays

Ever wonder what je ne sais quoi a model possesses that sets her apart from the rest of us? Besides the obvious — being thin and tall — a well balanced facial structure and shape represent beauty to the eye. In general, an oval face shape and well defined cheekbones are two of the aspects we subconsciously perceive as beautiful. Cheekbones give …

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August 2011 – Lipstick Jungle – How to wear this Season’s bright lip colours.

There are few beauty looks that scream spring and summer like a bold lip colour. From the runway to the streets, bold lips are popping up everywhere this season. Shades of hot pink, bright coral, and fuchsia, first spotted adorning the mouths of models at the spring/summer 2011 runway shows, now light up the lips of some of some of Tinseltown’s most lusted-after celebs. Bright lip makeup is …

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February 2011 – How to Achieve the Natural ‘No Makeup’ Look

If you are like the rest of us, your new year’s resolution most likely includes some form of an outing for physical exercise.  Whether it be going out for a run or a yoga class, going to the gym or on a walk to the grocery store, you may also wonder, “Need I bother applying makeup for these occasions?”  The answer is yes and no.  If you are were blessed with flawless skin with no blemishes or dark circles, then moisturize and away you go!  But if you are like the majority of us and need a little bit of….

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November/December 2010 – Holiday Makeup – The Modern Smoky Eye

No sooner have we put away our Halloween costumes and ghoulish makeup for another year than the holiday season is upon us.  Holiday parties and LBD’s abound, so how can you make yourself stand out above the rest?  With beautiful, flawless and extraordinary makeup, that’s how! The smoky eye has been a mainstay for a few years now, having become so popular that we’re including the more subtle “day smoky eye” now, so we can wear it day and night! A modern approach to the traditional…

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September/October 2010 – Tools of the Trade: Makeup Brushes

Using good quality make up products helps make a lasting, flawless face, and using proper, good quality brushes for each area of application is paramount. Just as a painter wouldn’t use one brush to paint a whole painting, nor should you rely on one brush or bad quality brushes to apply your make up. Make up professionals believe that a good make up brush is a beauty secret and is akin to what a good set of knives are to a chef. In addition…

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